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The DASHboard is an online program that was designed by Ragged Fiber Media and the Habbo Related organization Think Help™. Though designed for habbo the program can be used for anything from online job applications to checking inquiries, to even being a time clock to keep track of your website staffs activity. It's currently in it's Pre-Alpha Development stage and the "Public Version" is not released, though it is being used by Think Helps™ staff. The DASHboard features a more secure login script, using a function developed by RFM and a user access level system keeping unwanted users out of areas of the dashboard.

Some visual features include a profile system which users can add contact information such as AIM usernames and ICQ numbers. Changable Layouts, and an easy to read and use default interface.

Current Release: 5.3.0*
Development Stage: Pre-Alpha

* = Indicates Unreleased/Unavaliable to the public